Babcock awarded new tactical communication contract for UK MoD

A member of 216 Signals Squadron operates a Bowman 325 HF man pack radio, at the British base in Lashkar Gar. Were British Forces in Afghanistan have extensively been using the new Bowman radio. This image was taken on Op Herrick IV, the UK's deployment into Helmand Province of Southern Afghanistan. Op Herrick IV has seen the development of the Helmand Task Force in the province, which has seen the cross Governmental Provincial Reconstruction Team set up in Lashkar Gar, to help the Afghan Government build strong governmental institutions, security and create jobs. The Task Force is made up of 3300 troops from the British Military, with the majority being taken from 16 Air Assault Brigade.

Babcock International, the Aerospace and Defence Company, has secured a five year, £150 million Logistic Support Contract (LSC) for the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD). The contract forms part of the £3.2 billion Battlefield and Tactical Communication Information Systems (BATCIS) programme of opportunities to deliver the next generation tactical communications and information systems, including adjacent air and littoral assets, and the dismounted close combat soldier.

The contract is an exciting new opportunity for Babcock to deliver world-class technical support to our customer, and will allow our teams to embed robust ways for the MOD to perform critical operations. Babcock’s LSC solution, as part of BATCIS, enables the customer to provide assured Tactical Communication support to the end users, in the most efficient and effective manner.

Within the BATCIS Programme, Babcock will deliver an intelligent digital solution that provides cost effective, resilient support to the Land Equipment Tactical Communications Information Systems (LeTacCIS) equipment portfolio.

Working closely with our customer, Babcock will deliver four critical services: inventory management, inventory modelling, information management and technical services, to the BATCIS team in support of their delivery to the wider Armed Forces

Through a unique network of industry experts and service providers, Babcock has developed Team Connect to deliver all aspects of the LSC and utilise a wealth of expertise. The collaboration, building on similar principles from our successful Maritime System Support Partner programme, has established an effective and agile end-to-end supply chain to satisfy full lifecycle operations. The support chain will transition legacy arrangements and protocols, and is focused on delivering a responsive and sustainable solution that offers value for money.

Babcock CEO David Lockwood said: “We will deliver a comprehensive programme with future ready solutions for the MOD through the Logistics Support Contract. Our extensive reach and capability harnesses innovation, building on our already successful support programmes and expertise across the defence industry. Our team is well placed to support our customer’s success and I’m delighted that Babcock is part of this solution.”