Babcock celebrates success in China

Babcock has signed a contract for the design and supply of its market leading cargo handling system for two LPG carriers.

This marks the sixth and seventh LPG carriers to be delivered with Babcock equipment at Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, China, and signifies the long-standing and successful business relationship between the companies. The two LPG carriers are scheduled for delivery by August 2019. Both 84,000cbm LPG carriers will be fitted with Babcock’s LPG reliquefaction technology including its patented Vent Gas Cooler system™ (VGC™) – an innovative, multi-functional enhancement. The VGC™ provides significantly increased capacity and efficiency at lower capital and operating costs. Its commercial success is attributed to the through-life savings achievable by ship owners and has been fitted to over 70 LPG carriers varying in size from 84,000cbm to 12,000cbm.

The cargo handling system with the VGC™, provides significant benefit to owners and operators, allowing high ethane content cargoes to be efficiently handled without the limitations experienced during traditional reliquefaction. This eliminates the requirement for onshore processing saving time, money and minimising hydrocarbon emissions. The operational efficiency and performance of onboard refrigeration systems are improved by the VGC™; power generation requirements are reduced; less power generation is required to drive the reliquefaction; and there is lower fuel consumption. All of which reduces overall operating expenditure (OPEX).

The two vessels will be delivered to Petredec – an established customer with a total of 23 vessels operating with Babcock reliquefaction technology onboard.

Neale Campbell, Babcock Systems Director said: “This contract is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Babcock teams in China and the UK. The Vent Gas Cooler™ continues to drive success and promote Babcock’s innovative capabilities enabling us to demonstrate our ongoing, proven experience as we enter into adjacent markets – LNG, Ethane, Ethylene and VOC.”

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