Babcock delivers world’s largest LNG bunker supply vessel M.V. ‘Kairos’

Babcock International is celebrating the completion of its ‘first of its kind’ and the world’s largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) bunker supply vessel, M.V. Kairos, as it is delivered to Babcock Schulte Energy (BSE), a 50:50 joint venture between Babcock and Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM). This achievement follows the success in meeting a series of critical programme milestones after initial ship award in December 2016 and highlights the strength of the relationship between the two organisations.

A major point in any shipbuilding project, the first cut of steel was completed in November 2017 at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea. Involving multiple teams working to exacting plans and specifications, this was completed on time and to plan. In early 2018, the keel was laid and the 7,500m³ GSV began to take shape.

The GSV will be deployed to the Baltic region servicing a number of clients including the Linde/AGA terminal in Nynäshamn and the Klaipėda LNG fuelling station in Lithuania. Capable of performing both ship-to-ship bunkering and transhipment operations, she will be used for the LNG fuelling of ships including ferries, containers, cruise vessels and other shore-based gas consumers.

Equipped with Babcock’s Fuel Gas Supply Vessel Zero (FGSV0™) technology – a scalable cargo handling and fuelling solution complete with compressed natural gas storage and utilisation capabilities – Kairos will eliminate the release of boil-off and flash gas to the atmosphere during normal operations providing an environmentally responsible shipping alternative. The innovative FGSV0™ enables significant reductions in emissions and offers beneficial environmental footprint savings.

Neale Campbell, Babcock LGE Managing Director, said: “Babcock thrives in complex environments which require specialist engineering expertise. Our commitment to the Babcock Schulte Energy joint venture draws upon Babcock’s significant gas systems expertise. Leveraging this to meet our customer’s specific requirements, the collaboration, teamwork and overall performance of our teams has been exceptional and critical to the success of this programme.”

Angus Campbell, Director of Energy Projects – Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement said: “As ‘Kairos’ enters service Babcock Schulte Energy is proud to be contributing towards a cleaner energy future for shipping. Our industry is evaluating ways to meet new emission regulations and reduce its carbon footprint. The use of natural gas is emerging as the most sustainable solution for powering global maritime transportation into the future. We believe that this will offer significant opportunities for the joint venture.”

Babcock’s flexible technology, active across the LPG, LNG, ethane and ethylene carrier markets and supported by expert capability, is trusted to deliver for its global customers.

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