Delivering critical radiological protection instrument services in unprecedented times

Maintaining safe operations at Sellafield is always the priority, and this is no different during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Radiological protection instruments are vital for keeping workers safe, and Cavendish Nuclear is a key member of the supply chain delivering this capability to Sellafield Ltd.

The company has specialist teams providing radiological protection instrument services; delivering comprehensive repair, maintenance and calibration services for installed and portable radiation protection instruments to support customers in meeting the requirements of the Ionising Radiations Regulations, 2017.

The installed instruments include change room contamination monitors such as whole body monitors, contamination frisk probes and hand and foot monitors. In addition, area radiometric instruments, such as activity in air monitors, gamma monitors and criticality incident detection alarm systems are maintained.

The portable instruments are mainly health physics instruments used for dose rate and contamination surveys and checks.

Maintaining these important services with reduced staff numbers due to COVID-19 restrictions has proved a challenge. This has required Cavendish Nuclear to quickly adapt to a new working environment whilst maintaining the safety criteria and working closely with Sellafield Ltd to provide the monitors and maintain flexibility for their changing requirements.

Gary Hampson, Radiological Protection Instrumentation team leader said “These services are key to maintaining safety, which is the highest priority during this disruption from the COVID-19 virus. By working closely with the Sellafield Ltd customer we are ensuring the highest levels of safety and protection continue to be delivered.”

Alan Blundell, Sellafield Ltd’s Head of Radiometrics Equipment Programme added “This has been a truly collaborative approach with the Cavendish Nuclear RPI team flexing and adapting to meet the site’s changing and emerging needs. At the end of the first week, it feels like we’re beginning to settle into a new rhythm.

“Sellafield both recognises and values the efforts Cavendish Nuclear is making to maintain as `normal` a service as possible under challenging circumstances.”