Momentum continues in Babcock LGE sales

Babcock’s LGE business, the global leader in liquid gas solutions, has secured contracts valued at around £100 million since October 2019, continuing to build on the momentum achieved in the first half of financial year 2020.

The new contracts comprise a mix of LPG, Ethane and ecoSMRT® supply contracts, primarily supplied to major shipyards in Korea and China for international ship-owners, chartering to various customers and energy majors.

Babcock’s ecoSMRT® is now the market leading solution for LNG boil-off gas management. Developed in collaboration with Hyundai Heavy Industries, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) single mixed refrigerant (SMR) solution continues to attract both global ship-owners and shipyards.

Customers can ensure optimisation of their LNG carriers by reliquefying excess boil-off gas generated during transit, while benefiting from lower purchase and operating costs than competing SMR or nitrogen expansion systems.

The solution provides high-efficiency reliquefaction of LNG boil-off gas, using only an SMR circuit, without the need for external pre-cooling. This not only provides a significant reduction in footprint, but also means that ecoSMRT® requires just a single compressor – translating to lower maintenance requirements and reduced spares inventory.

Neale Campbell, Babcock LGE Managing Director, said:

“With the LNG market yet to reach maturity we look forward to showing future customers the benefits of ecoSMRT®.  The technology provides customers with through life savings, making it an important solution for LNG ship-owners.

“These contracts marks our continued successful cooperation with major shipyards where Babcock LGE has already won supply contracts in 2020 for another ecoSMRT, cargo handling systems for a 38,000cbm contract in Korea and Very Large Ethane Carriers in China.”