Sustainable engineering centre stage for Babcock at Ballast Water Management conference

Babcock, the aerospace and defence company is working with ship-owners across the globe to reduce the spread of harmful aquatic organisms from one region to another by providing Ballast Water Treatment retrofit solutions.

Babcock engineers will be speaking virtually this week (8 December) at BWM Tech Global, the world-leading ballast water management conference on sustainable engineering and environmental compliance and will offer engineering solutions that reduce the harmful impact on the environment.

Babcock is committed to deliver in a sustainable way for all our stakeholders by minimising the impact of our and our customers’ operations on the environment.

Ballast Water Treatment systems prevent damage to the marine environment and ecosystems caused by ballast water discharge. All ships in internal traffic are required to manage their ballast water and sediments to a certain standard by installing a ballast water treatment system.

It is common for vessel owners to do some of the design and integration work in-house, however Ballast Water Treatment systems are complex, technological and heavily regulated so having an experienced integration engineering partner helps to reduce risk.

Blair Jamieson, Business Development Manager for Babcock Marine said:

“We understand the importance of sustainability and reducing the impact of shipping on the environment, so compliance with the Ballast Water Treatment convention is one of the many ways we are supporting our customers to reduce their impact on the environment.

“As an engineering integration partner, Babcock can connect the dots between the many choices of technologies and the equipment manufacturer, ensuring the owner makes the optimum choice for the vessel as well as ensuring its timely installation. Babcock delivers a low-risk turnkey solution.”

Blair will be joined by Katie MacDonald, a Business Development Associate for Babcock Marine at the conference and will discuss Babcock’s sustainable engineering offering and fleet wide solutions for ballast water treatment, as well as providing further detail about the benefits and value of having Babcock as an integration partner to support retrofit projects.

Any questions in advance can be made via the conference digital booth.