UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

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Gender pay gap reporting is an important part of building a business which is about fairness, equality and inclusion.

In our last report we outlined the reasons we believe we have a pay gap and our approach to close it. This year, we are pleased to report that we are making progress and that our gap has reduced compared to last year (2017 data).

Whilst this is encouraging, we are conscious that there are many factors that can influence the numbers (positively and negatively) on a yearly basis. Examples such as the constant shifting composition of the workforce as people join and leave the organisation, along with doing the right thing by increasing the number of females into our early careers programmes, can result in a widening of the pay gap in the short term. For reasons like these, it’s important that we take a longer term view in terms of both our action plans and how we view annual progress to close our gap.

You can view the full report here.