Aerial Firefighting

A leader in aerial firefighting. 

Wildfires have always been with us, but are increasing in frequency and size, destroying our natural resources on a vast scale and threatening communities.

Babcock helps protect us from these rising threats by delivering a full range of firefighting services and missions, from customizable to fully integrated turn-key solutions.

We provide services including water-dropping, firefighter transportation, fire pattern mapping, bird-dog aerial coordination operations, real-time imaging for command-and-control centres, planned incendiary burning and specialist pilot training.

At a glance:

  • Fully integrated professional aerial firefighting services provider
  • A full range of individual and turnkey services
  • Supported by proprietary technology solutions
  • 10-year contract for aerial wildfire suppression services in Canada

Delivering solutions tailored to Canada

In 2019, we were awarded a 10-year contract for aerial wildfire suppression services by the Government of Manitoba. Working with our Canadian industry partners, we are responsible for the management, maintenance, and operation of Manitoba’s fleet of seven amphibious water-bomber aircraft, supported by three Babcock-owned bird-dog aircraft.

We provide fully integrated professional aerial firefighting services, drawing on global experience to deliver solutions tailored for the Canadian environment.

We work in close partnership with our customers. We plan, operate, and fly. We own our own fleets, and can also lease from our customers, or rent aircraft as needed.

We can offer a complete turn-key solution, or work with partner organizations to provide specified elements of a complete solution. Our experience in multiple jurisdictions and environments requires that we remain flexible and enables us to bring lessons learned and fresh thinking to our customers.

Aerial firefighting services in numbers:

  • 10 Babcock supported aircraft in Canada
  • +1,000 firefighting missions in 2021
  • 2,400 firefighting flight hours in 2021
  • +98 million litres of water dropped
  • 10-year contract with the Government of Manitoba

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