As a leading engineering services company, our strategy has long been to maintain our position in the UK whilst growing overseas, delivering sustainable value for our stakeholders. The foundation on which we build value for our stakeholders is the six pillars of our consistent strategy, as detailed in the graphic below.


This strategy is fed by our four key differentiators - our breadth and depth of our technical know-how, the experience of our people, our successful long term partnerships and the unique infrastructure we own and operate.

Our consistent strategy has delivered a growing portfolio, demonstrating our ability to thrive in complex environments that require specialist engineering expertise. This strategy creates value for our employees by delivering a safe working environment; providing continuous professional development; ensuring equal opportunities for all; and creating a rewarding place to work. Strategy diagram ARA p16 17

It creates value for our shareholders by returning investment in the form of: dividends; investing in, and growing, our business; and growing the value of their investment over time.

It creates value for our customers by: working through long term collaborative relationships; reducing the cost of delivering key services; increasing asset availability or providing life extensions; and providing technical knowledge and skills to manage complex transformation programmes.

If you’d like to read more about our corporate strategy, please view our Annual Report.