Babcock awarded Skysiren contract extension

HMS WESTMINSTER pictured returning home following a 15-week Deployment to Operation Ceto, which aims to protect the UK’s interests in home Waters and the North Atlantic. The deployment was done under strict infection control measures, the second time Westminster has undertaken a deployment like this since the COVID pandemic began. HMS Westminster is a Type 23 frigate. The ship recently returned to service after one of the longest, most comprehensive and complex revamps in her lifespan. Known throughout the Royal Navy as ‘the capital ship’, HMS Westminster is a Type 23 (or ‘Dukeclass’) frigate. Despite having originally been designed for anti-submarine warfare, the Dukeclass’s versatility has seen them used in a number of fleet roles, from warfighting to peacekeeping missions.

Babcock has been awarded a 12-month contract extension to continue its support of Skysiren, the UK’s implementation of the US defence Integrated Broadcast Service.

Skysiren is part of a UK Five Eyes programme, which provides the UK Armed Forces with near real time intelligence sources in a single broadcast data stream.

Babcock has been installing Skysiren and providing support since 2017. This 12-month extension follows an extremely productive 2022 for the team, involving installations overseas, and on various UK Maritime platforms.

Babcock has also provided Skysiren design solutions for the future Type 26 and Type 31 platforms. The Type 23 frigate (pictured) has Skysiren installed.

Skysiren uses a tactical data processor which filters Integrated Broadcast Service data via configurable profiles. This includes situational awareness, combat identification, and critical threat warnings to enhance platform and force survivability, as well as contributing to greater interoperability with coalition forces.

Dr Richard Drake, Babcock’s Chief Technology Officer, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract extension by the Ministry of Defence to continue our support for Skysiren, a vitally important situational awareness tool for the UK’s Armed Forces. “The contract extension recognises our skilled team’s commitment to the programme and its record of delivering results, supporting our customer with its requirements around the world.”

Image: UK MOD © Crown copyright