Celebrating International Women’s Day

The defence industry can often be perceived as male dominated, but International Women’s Day is a chance to reflect on our continued progress in making Babcock a workplace where everyone can thrive.

We’re continuing to work towards equal gender representation, which starts with encouraging and enabling girls to consider STEM careers and goes right through to our goal of 30% of our senior leadership being women by 2025.

At Babcock we recognise that ‘Inclusion is a choice, and we choose inclusion’. We believe in the value of engaging different perspectives and working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and approaches to enhance our working environment and drive our business performance.

Being an inclusive employer makes us a better business. It enables everyone who works for us to fully contribute, means we can attract more diverse talent and broaden our talent pool, and helps us to be competitive in the marketplace. By choosing inclusion, we are creating the foundations to support our people and enable our commercial success.

To mark International Women’s Day, we’re sharing perspectives from our people about the importance of gender balance at Babcock and our wider industry, as well as some top tips for those starting their careers.

Jessica, Head of Trade Controls, Security and Facilities, Australia:

“For those embarking on their careers at Babcock, my advice is to advocate for yourself and others. Look for chances to go above and beyond and become an advocate for your own accomplishments as well as those of your female colleagues. It’s important to showcase your achievements and those of other women in your field. Often, women tend to downplay their successes, but it’s crucial to promote yourself and others in a manner that’s partially humble but assertive.”

Nez, Integration Manager, New Zealand:

“Gender balance at Babcock is integral to fostering an inclusive and innovative work environment. Embracing diversity not only brings a variety of perspectives and ideas but also enhances creativity and problem-solving. It is crucial for the company’s success and sustainability. In the broader industry context, promoting gender balance contributes to breaking stereotypes, creating equal opportunities, and ultimately driving progress. By ensuring a gender-balanced workforce, we empower individuals to thrive, thereby enriching the industry. Babcock’s commitment to gender balance reflects its dedication to creating a workplace where everyone can reach their full potential.”

Holly, Communications Officer, Canada:

“For those embarking on their career journey, I would advise embracing challenges, seeking out mentors, and recognising the unique perspective they bring to the table. Remember, you are the future, and your voice matters immensely.”

Audrey, Technical Crew Member, France:

“Nothing differentiates a man from a woman in our professions, women are relatively poorly represented, but they have nothing to envy of their colleagues in the field. The day we achieve equality, we will be able to see without bias that men and women are equally qualified and competent for the same task, but with different sensitivities, based on the diversity of our personal experiences.”

Sarah, Head of Supply Chain, Australia:

“True equality is being able to have a seat at the table no matter who you are, for Babcock that goes even further in that we want to hear from each individual who has something valuable to contribute. In a time where defence spend is increasing across the globe, the wider industry is looking for people who level up how we work and how we deliver support to our customers. The only way that can be achieved successfully is by having a balanced input from all genders involved, to which Babcock is sincerely committed.”