Immersive training

Innovative training concept gives soldiers realistic battle experience.  Availability, capability and affordability, without compromise, every time.

In a world of significant geopolitical instability, national security has never been more important. Babcock is committed to ensuring that our Defence customers’ assets are readily available, affordable and future-proof.

To further that aim, we have developed the Babcock Immersive Training Experience (BITE), a new immersive training solution for the British Army that mimics real life scenarios, drawing on the use of built-in effects, such as sound and vibration to immerse soldiers into battle scenarios.

An adaptable, controllable realistic training environment

We are constantly looking at innovative ways to enhance the training we provide, to ensure our soldiers are as prepared as they can be for combat. Rapidly deployable across live, virtual, and constructive domains, BITE hijacks all the senses to create safe, affordable, and accessible ‘battle inoculation’. By giving trainers and exercise directors the ability to dictate the direction and intensity of any number of flexible scenarios, BITE, with its injects and physical effects, increases the efficiency and impact of training and allows for rapid exploitation of data gathered and a significant reduction in downtime.By gathering ground level data, and personnel tracking, which includes our Human Insight and Performance System, BITE provides insights on team and individual performance, measuring the effect and impact of the training.

By our services’ side

As a major provider of training to the British Army, we manage all aspects of the land training cycle, delivering over 758,000 training days annually for the British Army. Our innovative training products are producing personnel who are knowledgeable, skilled and competent to operate in the most challenging circumstances.

Unlocking potential: The key to training

Realism and measurement are the keys to training. They provide the building blocks for soldiers to function as high-performing individuals and as strong teams, ready for the most demanding of military tasks. When the training is as realistic as the scenarios with BITE, individuals and teams know how they will react to intense pressure because they’ll have built strong memories of how they learnt to adapt under similar situations.

Collaborating with SMEs

SMEs are critical to the development of our training capabilities, by having an ecosystem of SMEs who are part of our product development teams, we can deliver bleeding edge capabilities which push the boundaries of what is possible.

Ensuring our soldiers are training with the very latest capabilities and underpinning learning science. BITE is an example of the power in that collaboration.

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