Why Babcock for Apprenticeships

With over 23,000 apprentices on programme at any one time, Babcock is one of the UK’s largest providers of technical and service skills apprenticeships, and the largest in the country for engineering apprenticeships.

We have over 1,000 highly qualified delivery professionals providing high quality apprenticeship solutions to employers and apprentices across the UK. These experienced teams bring a combination of sector and training expertise to deliver highly contextualised and relevant apprenticeship programmes that go beyond purely meeting the required standards. The teams are routinely deeply entrenched in their client’s values – living and breathing the brand alongside the apprentices they train.

We offer a variety of apprenticeship programme delivery models as part of our overall strategic learning management service including:

  • Development, provision and on-going management of fully contextualised training academies.
  • Programmes designed by us and delivered at a customer’s existing training facilities.
  • Creation of bespoke workplace-delivered solutions.

Babcock offers apprenticeships across a variety of sectors including automotive, emergency services, rail, defence, retail and hospitality. Our long-term training experience, combined with our deep operational expertise from those sectors, ensures that we design programme content that both aligns with the apprenticeship standards and is bespoke to meet that employer’s specific needs.

We utilise innovative technology both to deliver apprenticeship training as well as manage and measure the impact in order to maximise success and on time completion rates.

Babcock also offers an apprentice recruitment service, helping customers to attract and recruit top talent to meet their future workforce needs.

In addition to being a leading provider of apprenticeship programmes, each year Babcock takes on over 200 engineering apprentices to work across the business – if you are interested in becoming an apprentice at Babcock look here.

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