Autonomous systems and uncrewed aerial systems

The defence landscape is becoming increasingly digital, which brings both challenges and opportunities. 

Babcock is delivering complex integrated solutions in the uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) space, which is set to be one of the most exciting and progressive technology growth areas for our defence business. 

We have already shown that uncrewed vehicles can carry out a multitude of tasks simultaneously, while being safely controlled at a distance. As technology develops, we’re also expecting increases in the range and endurance of these systems which allows us to provide the right technology solution for the end user.

For our defence customers, that means more coverage of battlespace surveillance, intelligence, reconnaissance and weapons systems. It also means increased ability to perform complex tasks and operate equipment at a safe distance from dangerous environments, and solutions that are quicker and more cost effective to manufacture.

At a glance

  • Delivering complex integrated solutions for UAS
  • Demonstrating that uncrewed vehicles can carry out a multitude of tasks simultaneously
  • Increasing ability to perform complex tasks and operate equipment at a safe distance
  • Strengthening our capabilities in UAS

Strengthening our autonomous capabilities

We’re building on our customer and industry collaborations in UAS. We’re also developing our intellectual property alongside new and disruptive technology applications, especially where we’re seeing significant demand both in the UK and overseas. This will allow us to integrate even more complex autonomous systems across the assets we manage, anywhere in the world.

The impact on safety is one of the main benefits of UAS, reducing the risk of human involvement in hostile environments, whether that’s on the battlefield or in our facilities supporting the assets we manage. Increased cost effectiveness is another benefit, and we’re already looking at concept studies to see how UAS can replace current tasks carried out by our customer.

Advances in artificial intelligence, data science, communications, autonomous systems and human-machine teaming also promise to deliver the capability needed to achieve multi-domain integration and revolutionise warfare – and these are all areas we are strengthening our capabilities in.

Varying sizes of UAS have become a game changer in modern defence, innovation we believe is only going to increase. That means systems will have greater ranges, improved communication and payload capability. We are currently exploring all of these technologies across civil and military sectors.

Innovation playing a critical role in defence

Babcock was the first major defence company to be invited to host an event at the UK MOD’s new flagship technology and innovation hub, The Defence ‘BattleLab’. The event brought together subject matter experts for a live autonomous vehicle demonstration, showcasing our commitment to innovation in this area.

Innovation isn’t just in our technology, it’s in our partnerships and the people with work with. Collaboration and developing the relationships we have within the industry means we can leverage the latest research and innovations.

Working at pace, and collaboratively across our multi-domain operations will ensure we can continue to create a safe and secure world, together.

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Creating career opportunities

Working in autonomous systems can offer many exciting career opportunities, whether that’s upskilling current employees or welcoming new recruits.

Watch our video to see more about our commitment to UAS careers.