Defence Support Group

Dynamic equipment management for the British Army 

We play a vital role in the security of the nation by supporting the equipment used by the British Army.

The Defence Support Group (DSG) is responsible for the storage, maintenance, repair and overhaul of military vehicles and equipment. This includes a fleet of over 30,000 vehicles, ranging from quad bikes to main battle tanks, and equipment ranging from generators and weapons.

Since 2015 we’ve ensured that equipment and vehicles are ready for action ensuring that the Army can train and is ready to deploy. Our complex supply chain operation, sources over 200,000 spare parts and millions of pounds worth of repairs annually.

Utilising our strong track record in delivering mission critical engineering services, we also conduct complex engineering projects to rebuild armoured vehicles, carry out vehicle assembly integration and test new vehicles entering service.

We run a sophisticated vehicle inspection and storage service to hold highly complex military equipment in controlled humidity storage, so that they can be made available quickly, when required.

By building on our engineering and services heritage we provide the Army with output-based services for fleet management and equipment support that enhance the operational readiness that the British Army requires to respond to events both in the UK and abroad.

At a glance:

  • 10-year contract with the Ministry of Defence
  • Delivering mission critical engineering services
  • Innovative fleet management and support techniques

Working alongside the customer

Our long-term relationships with the Armed Forces ensure that we understand their requirements and respond in the most appropriate way. We have staff embedded within the Army to assist with equipment planning, bringing the advantages of wide-ranging industry expertise.

We already support some of the equipment on a full availability service, where we ensure that the right equipment is provided for the mission being undertaken and that it remains operational throughout.

Our team help to reduce the operational risk that our service personnel face, both when training and when deployed. As leaders in the Whole Force Approach our staff deploy with the Army to provide expert equipment support on training or, if needed, on operations.

Brought together by information

Working alongside the military, we provide state-of-the art fleet management, supply chain and engineering information systems. We bring together disparate data and add industry best practice usage monitoring systems and analysis, to ensure that military decision makers have access to accurate and up-to-the-minute information.