UK Light Aircraft Flying Task (LAFT2)

Advancing training capabilities in aircraft maintenance 

By designing tailor-made, integrated solutions and developing complex projects, Babcock allows its partners to focus on their core business.

We have been delivering the LAFT and LAFT2 contracts to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for over 20 years – owning, managing, maintaining and creating availability for a fleet of 91 Grob 115E ‘Tutor’ civil registered aircraft in support of UK Armed Forces’ operations.

Operating seven days a week, and having flown over 720,000 flying hours, the aircraft have been delivering MOD Elementary Flying Training , University Air Squadrons and Air Experience Flying since 1999.

Through the LAFT2 contract, we provide aircraft, support services and flying instructors supporting Air Squadrons and Army/ Royal Navy Flying Grading, and offers the RAF Air Cadet organisation and University Air Squadrons a safe and memorable experience – both flying and on the ground.   

At a glance:

  • Supporting flight training for the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force Pilots of tomorrow
  • Operating at 13 sites across the UK
  • Delivered more than 720,000 flight hours of training during its 23 years

Going the extra mile

Throughout our long relationship with our military customers, we have continued to demonstrate our flexible approach.

Delivering the LAFT2 contract using a Babcock-owned fleet allows us to maximise efficiency while meeting our customers’ requirements. Because we have the ability to be so flexible, we can respond to changes in training requirements as and when they are needed. By working so closely with our customers, both geographically and in terms of our relationship, we pride ourselves in reacting quickly and collectively, and resolving any contract issues and challenges in an open, honest and mutually supportive way.

Setting the benchmark

The LAFT2 contract is held up by many MOD customers as the benchmark for flexibility, teamwork, communication and air safety management – particularly the management of operational and technical risks where Babcock is embedded with the HQ 3/6 FTS Air Safety Cell.

While continuing to provide airworthiness experience, we remain trusted to deliver the flying hours to support our customers’ needs.

LAFT2 in numbers

  • 91 Babcock-owned Grob 115E ‘Tutor’ aircraft
  • 13 operating bases
  • Over 320 employees
  • Up to 31,000 flying hours per year Flying training to all three UK Armed Forces

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