HADES Technical support services provision

Delivering aviation excellence

Through the HADES Programme, Babcock is delivering a standardised range of technical support services and resilient operational support to the Royal Air Force (RAF), Joint Helicopter Command and Strategic Command stations and dependent units.

A set of three regional contracts issued by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) under the Technical Support Services Provision (TSSP), HADES is a seven year programme in close collaboration with the RAF providing a range of critical services across the UK.

Since technical support services within various Multi-Activity Contracts (MACs) finished in March 2018, Programme HADES was formed from three contracts across three regions. By providing services and airfield support to each of the 16 MOD sites within the contract, HADES aims to standardise a range of technical and support services throughout the UK.

At a glance:

  • Supporting Single, Joint and Tri Services
  • Seven year contract with the two option years taken in 2022
  • Key services include aircraft maintenance and support, general engineering, logistics and training support,
  • Three regions run as one contract with 16 stations across the UK.

Delivering support services at scale

HADES was developed to contract for technical support services on a large scale across several key services.

These include:

  • Managing the unit’s white and green fleet vehicle allocation and providing specialist crash and ambulance services
  • Delivering vital airfield engineering support, managing and maintaining specialist ground support equipment as well as a wide range of fixed machine tools
  • Receipt, storage, issue and management of the RAFs logistics supply chain for all serving personnel and their accommodation whilst responsible for initial kitting at both RAF Halton and RAFC Cranwell
  • Maintaining the unit’s small arms weapons, ammunition and explosives, and where relevant, the units 25m firing range
  • Managing and maintaining all weapons for the Air Cadet Training Squadrons

An assured, safe and innovative service delivery model

Within the HADES programme, our teams work closely with our customers’ to deliver services as part of a whole force approach, fully understanding their needs and their working culture.

We share successes and innovative ways of working in a trusting working environment, centred upon collaboration and continuous improvement.

“Put simply, and this is well understood, the SRO, Programme Board and Role Office believe that the first year of the HADES contract has been an unequivocal success. It is unusual for a programme to operate to Performance, Cost and Time (PCT) in its first year and there is no doubt that HADES has. Babcock have delivered a range of services successfully and have done so to a high standard.” – Group Captain Ian Reynolds (HADES Team Leader).

By leveraging our experience in handling complex Defence and Aviation contracts, we use a reliable, safe and innovative approach to achieve significant cost savings and operation benefits for Air Command – all while maintaining an uninterrupted service.

HADES in numbers:

  • 16 sites of operation
  • 110 customer owned aircraft supported
  • 6,500 vehicles and ground equipment supported
  • 850 employees 2,000 planned air station maintenance tasks per month

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