Babcock immersive training experience

Immersive training that prepares our customers for the realities of modern conflict and multi-faceted national resilience operations.

Image of Babcock staff engaged in immersive training British Army soldiers at computer monitor

In an increasingly complex and contested world, where the threat of war, natural disasters and geopolitical instability is constant; operational commanders and specialists must be ready to face emerging and dynamic challenges, arising at home and abroad.

To ensure military and civil resilience teams are ready to face the most demanding environments, we have developed the Babcock Immersive Training Experience (BITE), an experiential tool designed to support individual and collective training.

An adaptable, controllable realistic training environment

BITE is an immersive training environment that replicates the physical, sensory and cognitive challenges of operating in an urban environment. It produces specifically layered and operationally accurate soundscapes, seismic simulation, visual stimuli, generated aromas and environmental control that enables real-time adaptable operationally accurate scenarios. The ability to dynamically control the intensity of training exercises, ensures consistent delivery of optimal training to enhance outcomes.

The scalable, deployable and modular solution has been designed and built to rapidly train and inoculate personnel to the most challenging and high-pressure events. Its robust modular construction allows the system to be deployed across any live, virtual and constructive domain, greatly reducing or removing the requirement for personnel, logistics, time and costs of high value training.

Immersive control and granular layering

With all visual, audio and biometric feeds being monitored from an external control room, there is no break in reality for trainees. Full control of both the environment and information injects enables the intensity of the experience to be adjusted in real time. Immersion and emotional engagement brings trainees closer to the realism of front line operations than ever before, delivering high risk and fidelity training in a safe and controlled environment.

BITE uses advanced game engine software to maintain measurement and control of the experience, this allows specific immersive effects to be layered for granular environmental control to ensure optimum cognitive load and engagement with the experience. Unlocking the ability to subject trainees to the realistic stresses of modern combat and resilience operations.

Data capture and analysis

BITE enables rapid analysis of insights to enhance the effectiveness of after-action reviews and enable trainees to fail fast and adapt to find new ways to succeed. The ability to capture granular exercise data over time enables trend analysis and the optimisation of individual, team and organisational performance. BITE, by design, can operate as a standalone module or as part of an interconnected network.

Future proof

The system has been designed alongside partner SMEs and academics, with features to integrate with bleeding edge technology and permit easy integration of additional technology.

By our services’ side

As a major provider of training to the British Army, we manage all aspects of the land training cycle, delivering over 758,000 training days annually for the British Army.

Now more than ever, what we do matters. We understand the critical challenges the British Army face and the importance effective training plays in preparing the front line. Proteus, the military variant of BITE, has been developed to provide the British Army with realistic battle experience in order to deliver high performance individuals and teams who are prepared for the realities of modern conflict.

At a glance

  • BITE is an immersive urban training environment that replicates the physical, sensory and cognitive challenges of operating in an urban environment.
  • It is a safe, efficient and affordable solution for individual and collective training.
  • BITE includes human performance monitoring to rapidly deliver high performance personnel and teams.
  • BITE can be adapted to any real operational environment to incorporate a range of training needs, with changes to aesthetics and environmental aspects based on the customers’ needs.
  • BITE provides multi-point, time stamped data analysis for targeted after action review (AAR).

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