Frequently Asked Questions

Supplier survey

Babcock is transitioning from its current procurement system to our new Source to Pay system Coupa. We need your assistance in preparing and ensuring a smooth transition to our new process which will impact how you receive Purchase Orders and how you send us back invoices. We are also using this opertunity to ensure we hold the most upto date information for your company.
Your email address was listed in our system as a past contact for your company.

If you are not the correct contact, please advise us of the correct contact by emailing [email protected]

Only one person from your company should complete the survey. This would typically be your Babcock account manager. Please advised the emails we need to remove from our database by emailing [email protected]

The survey will ask for a variety of information, including:
Company Information: Registered Legal Name(s), Address(es), Tax ID(s)
Contacts needed for communications, training, setup/testing of POs & Invoices : (Name, email, Phone#)
Banking information: Account Numbers, Sort Code etc

We will send reminder emails if we do not receive your completed survey within 3 weeks.
It is important for you to complete the survey to ensure we transfer accurate company information into Coupa to avoid POs being sent to the wrong department, ensure we pay the correct company etc.

It is recommended that you complete the survey in one sitting as answers will not be saved if you close your browser before finishing the survey.
The survey typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey may timeout after approximately 30mins of inactivify, therefore it is recommended that you complete the survey in one sitting. Answers will not be saved if you close your browser before finishing the survey.
The survey typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Thank you for completing the survey.  The information you provided will be used to greate your vendor record in Coupa.
Your designated contacts will receive program communications and be invited to webinars and Coupa training sessions.
We also recommend you periodically visit our Babcock Coupa Supplier Page for any further updates which might impact your company.

We have established a dedicated team to assist you with the transition as we realise this represents a change for you and our team is focused on making the transition as easy as possible.
You can reach our Supplier Enablement Team at [email protected]

Should you need to change or correct information provided after completing the survey, reach out via email to our Supplier Enablement Team on [email protected]

Please contact Babcock’s Supplier Enablement Team to inform them your preferred transacting method.
You will still need to sign up to the Coupa Supplier Portal in order to update your supplier information to ’email’

Coupa Supplier Portal

The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free of charge portal which enables Babcock suppliers to receive purchase orders and create invoices electronically. Suppliers can also create and update catalogues through the Coupa Supplier Portal

There is no cost for suppliers to use Coupa.

This is our preferred method of transaction because of the following key benefits:

  • Free self-serve tool for suppliers
  • Self-serve of your supplier information
  • Easy-to-use
  • One stop shop
  • Decreased paperwork
  • A single view of Babcock’s Sourcing events, Purchase Orders and Invoices
  • Real time and interactive visibility of those activities and their status
  • Digital contract management where appropriate
  • A more consistent and simplified way of working with us

No additional software is required. As Coupa is a cloud-based technology, all you will need is an active email account and web browser to access the portal and transact with Babcock

A few week prior to go live our Supplier Enablement Team will send you an invitation to join the Coupa Suppleir Portal

The registration process takes less than 5 minutes upon receiving the invitation email. Suppliers can expect to receive an invitation email from Babcock during September.

We still need you to fill out the survey so we can set your company up properly in our Coupa system.  Once setup, you will be easily able to link Babcock to your Coupa Supplier Portal account.

Yes, suppliers without VAT registration number will have ability to transact via the Coupa Supplier Portal.

You will be provided with an  invitation to join CSP in September, guidance will be provided prior to go live on the Coupa Supplier Portal.
All suppliers must set up an CSP account; linking with Babcock Coupa system will be done automatically.

Unfortunately the CSP cannot support departmental split of Purchase Orders and Invoice. We recommend that you define a process internally in your organisation to filter by department. Please note, multiple individuals can be set up from your organisation in the CSP who can be from different departments and access Purchase Orders and Invoices.