Sustainable Business

We rely on the support and collaboration of local communities, small businesses and our people where we live and work to continue delivering critical support to customers for whom failure is not an option.

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance, as is the need to continually invest in them to ensure that we have the right people in place now and in years to come. We are also committed to providing a fair, equal and inclusive environment for all of our people. This is all augmented by our STEM ambassadors who run outreach programmes in local schools and colleges to engage and inspire the next generation.

Safety at Babcock

The safety of our people is our priority, both physical and well-being.

Home Safe Every Day

Safety is, without question, our number one priority. We are committed to continuing our efforts to make sure that every one of our people, and the people whom we work alongside, goes Home safe every day. Safety is at the heart of our drive to deliver operational excellence for our customers. We believe that focusing on safety is essential to having a high performing, open and constructive safety culture, where our people can speak up, be heard, invested in and trusted.


The Group’s Board and Executive Committee review safety commentary and performance reports on a monthly basis. The Board additionally receives half-yearly reports on our safety performance and initiatives.

Our Corporate Safety Steering Group (CSSG) is the highest level of professional, collective management of health and safety issues within the Group. Its role is to recommend and set Group safety strategy, policy and standards for all matters relevant to the protection of the environment and the health and safety of the Group’s employees and any other persons affected by our undertakings.



Diversity and Inclusion

At Babcock we believe diversity is about embracing the advantages people with different experiences, skills and outlooks can bring to our teams. We encourage a diverse and inclusive employee base where each person feels respected and able to fill their potential.

Respect, Women at Babcock and Family Friendly Working

Our initiative, ‘All together different’, continues to drive our diversity agenda, led by our cross-business Diversity Steering Group, chaired by senior executives within the business. This year we focused on three diversity initiatives Respect, Women in Babcock and Family Friendly Working.

Employee Networks

Babcock has a range of employee networks in place across the business. This year saw the development of the Neuro-diversity and Young Professionals Network. The company is affiliated with Stonewall and our Pride in Babcock network continues to be very active, undertaking awareness raising activities as well as celebrating events in Pride month.

Gender Diversity and Pay Gap

Like others in the defence, engineering and aviation industry, recruiting female employees with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) qualifications and experience can be a challenge, because of the relatively low numbers of women who choose careers in STEM. This, coupled with a low staff turnover, affects our ability to improve our gender mix.

We are striving for a new target of 30% female representation across the Group at all levels by 2030. This new global target is in addition to our pre-existing targets and reinforces our commitment to driving change. What’s more, we aim to have 30% women within senior leadership teams by 2025 and 80% disclosure of diversity data within 18 months.

Achieving these targets will not happen overnight but we are already getting into action to ensure we achieve them.

More information can be found in our 2020 Gender Pay Gap report.

Training and Education

We have found our existing employees to be great advocates for our organisation and so we have used their experiences to give colour to our recruitment campaigns, particularly for graduates.

We offer executive development opportunities to our high potential employees, such as our accredited MBA programme with Strathclyde University, as well as being a strong supporter of apprenticeships. We are making increasing use of higher and degree apprenticeships, both to retain existing employees and to invest in future talent and currently offer around 50 apprenticeship routes, from levels two to seven.

Our partnership with the communities in which we operate is at the core of Babcock’s business.

We play an active part in our local communities to enhance development and inspire the next generation.


University Engagement

We partner with a broad range of academic establishments to support funded research, PhDs or their advisory boards. Examples of current partnerships include Strathclyde University Advanced Nuclear Research Centre, Cranfield University Through-life Engineering Services Centre, Bristol University South West Nuclear Hub, University of Exeter, University of Valencia and Centum Research and Technology. Key areas that we are working on include digitally enabled asset management; advanced manufacturing and maintenance techniques; digital twins and analytics and artificial intelligence.


Babcock supports its employees to become trained STEM Ambassadors so they can support or extensive schools engagement programme. Over the past 12 months we have conducted over 500 employee days of STEM activity, with 270 events engaging nearly 30,000 students.

Indigenous Activities

We have specific policies and approaches designed to meet local community needs, especially in Canada, South Africa and Australasia. Babcock is committed to strengthening the relationship with Indigenous Peoples, building partnerships with them through a framework which focuses on skills development, workforce inclusion and procurement.

UK Whole Force by Design

Babcock is committed to supporting the MOD and our Armed Forces in the implementation of Whole Force By Design. We hold the Gold award from Defence Relationship Management in recognition of our support to Reserves, Service Leavers and Service Leavers. With over 150 Volunteer Reserves we employ one of the largest bodies of reserves of any commercial organisation.

Support for the Armed Forces Community

We are proud to be a major employer of service leavers, veterans and reserves. As part of our commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant, all service leavers, veterans and members of a volunteer reserve are guaranteed a job interview if they meet the minimum requirement for an advertised role at Babcock.

Support for the Reserve Forces

We actively support our reservist employees, providing a minimum of 10 days special paid leave per year for reserves or uniformed cadet instructors with a full training commitment. We promote reserve service to all those in the Group, including our all our new graduates and apprentices.

Our People

We recognise that our people are critical to our ability to deliver our strategic goals. We need to ensure that their workplace is safe, is inclusive, welcomes diversity and offers everyone the chance to develop to their full potential.








Volunteer Reserves