Armoured Land Cruiser 300

New for 2022, Babcock became first to market with an Land Cruiser 300 (LC 300) armour solution, as well as the first whole vehicle tested solution, first certified 2m side blast, first PAS 300:2018 certification, first STANAG 4569 compliant solution, and first PAS 301:2017 approved vehicle. 

The result of a concerted engineering effort from our Research and Development team, LC 300 is our best protected civilian armoured vehicle, offering comprehensive protection against a range of threats. Following ballistic and blast testing and dynamic automotive testing, series production is now well established, with the first vehicle orders already undergoing customer acceptance.

Proven history, bright future

Already an established supplier of civilian armoured vehicles to UK and NATO governments; sustained investment sees us ready to continue for decades to come.

With over 700 civilian armoured vehicles in service today with UK Government, Babcock is the preferred supplier to His Majesty’s Government. Trusted with the safety of Royalty and world leaders, soldiers and diplomats, parents and families, our vehicles are protecting lives in more than 60 locations globally. This rich heritage and proven experience help to shape our design, manufacturing, and operating approach, while our innovation and advanced processes ensure that we integrate the latest in technology throughout our products.

LC 300 was born out of a clean sheet design process, incorporating lessons learned over 20 years of LC armoured vehicle manufacturing, to deliver a better protected vehicle, with supportability, reduction in inventory, and ease of maintenance at the forefront.

A holistic approach

Armoured vehicle fleet managers know that when it comes to selecting the right platform, protection is only the beginning – more armoured vehicles are lost through road traffic incidents than in kinetic attacks.

The Babcock LC 300 has undergone comprehensive testing to assure compliance and safety in all key measures. PAS 301
automotive handling and performance, centre of gravity tilt testing, cyber threat evaluation and resilience, electromagnetic compatibility, and simple ergonomics are all core elements of our product assurance, ensuring a vehicle that you can trust.

Key attributes

  • PAS 300 2018 BA-G BA-H and VPAM BRV 2009 ballistics
  • 2m side blast (PAS 300 2018 and VPAM ERV 2010)
  • 2x DM51 roof blast (PAS 300 2015 and VPAM ERV 2010)
  • 1x DM31 underfloor blast (STANAG 4569 AEP55 Volume 2 edition 2)
  • Kerb weight ~4300kg dependent upon specGVW 5200kg – 5400kg dependent upon spec
  • Optional escape hatch (fully certified)
  • ECM ready

Base vehicle attributes

  • 3.3l Diesel twin turbo V6, 225 kW 700 Nm, EURO 0
  • 3.5l Petrol twin turbo V6, 305 kW 650 Nm, EURO 2
  • 10 speed automatic transmission
  • One piece lift-up tailgate
  • 4950 L x 1980 W x 1900 H

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