Vehicle armouring and conversion

Delivering vehicles that are trusted to save lives 

Our civilian armoured vehicles deliver world class protection to heads of state, diplomats, military personnel, civil servants, parents and children.

Babcock armoured vehicles are a key enabler for global organisations, forming an integral security element which allows safe operations in austere, fragile and hostile locations globally. With over 1000 vehicles in service in more than 60 locations worldwide we have been trusted with the safety of our customers personnel for over 40 years. Our armour solutions are independently tested and certified to the highest levels, in the worst case test scenario, so that the end-users can have the ultimate confidence in the vehicles they operate.

Our attention to detail does not stop at the vehicle protection system; road handling and crash safety are of equal importance. We test our vehicles in a variety of conditions and load states, tuning the automotive components to provide the best balance of comfort, performance, handling, and above all safety for the user. Meeting internationally recognised automotive standards provides assurance that the armoured vehicle will handle and perform in a safe, predictable manner, no matter what.

Babcock understands the challenges faced by civilian armoured vehicle operators, and the diverse range of capabilities required of such vehicles. Our industry leading experience in engineering and land systems integration allows us to tailor the vehicle specifications to each use case, from high end trim level for an ambassador or head of stage, through to ruggedised surfaces, electronic countermeasures and weapons stowage for military or close protection use. No matter the situation, we work with the customer to develop the right solution to meet their needs.

More than just vehicles, we deliver a holistic end to end solution, working alongside vehicle users in the most challenging environments to ensure critical vehicle availability. Each year we ship thousands of lines of spare parts all around the world, deliver over 2000 days of deployed engineering support, decommission and dispose of over a hundred end-of-life armoured vehicles, and manage the import/export and logistics of countless vehicle movements.

At a glance:

  • Market-leading choice of vehicles
  • Choice of standard and fully customised products
  • Discreet and overt protection options
  • In-house communications integration capability
  • Secure production facility

A customer focussed approach

Our customers trust us to deliver resilient and appropriate products with assured whole-life support and availability.

We offer a whole life methodology, taking the time to fully understand our customers risks and develop market-leading and customised protective solutions. While providing the continued support they require now and, in the future, including training, specialist parts, servicing and highly skilled technicians anywhere in the world.

Our security vetted personnel and after sales team provide ongoing support and assistance, including a dedicated customer helpdesk, mobile client support teams, high demand onsite stock and user and workshop training programmes.

The next generation of armoured vehicle

At our dedicated armoured vehicle production facility, we have been able to facilitate the continuous production of armoured Land Cruisers for the past 15 years.

We are experts in productionising new developments and were first to market with Land Cruiser 300 (LC300).

The result of a concerted engineering effort from our research and development team, LC300 is our best protected civilian armoured vehicle, offering comprehensive protection to a range of threats.

The new LC300 Series is a complete redesign of the outgoing 200 Series. Several months of rigorous design, development, and testing, resulted in successful PAS:300 and PAS:301 certifications.

Testing included the vehicle being shot at over 200 times with rounds of varying calibres, followed by a series of explosive devices being detonated at varying distances, next to, above and below the vehicle.

Our team were able to design, develop, procure, manufacture, test, certify, and productionise in just over 12 months. Allowing us to continue working towards our purpose of creating a safe and secure world, together, with this next generation of civilian armoured vehicles.

Vehicle armouring and conversion in numbers:

  • Over 1000 vehicles converted each year
  • Delivering 120,000 labour hours of armoured car production annually
  • Over 800 Babcock armoured vehicles in service with NATO governments
  • Supporting armoured vehicle operations in 60 countries

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