Through Life Equipment Support

National security has never been more important or more complex to deliver. Babcock is uniquely built for that task. Now more than ever, what we do matters: creating a safe and secure world, together. 

We play a vital role in the security of the nation, supporting the equipment used by the British Army. Preparing their people to be mission ready through equipment support, asset management and world-class training. Through the delivery of global defence and resilience support, we are the expert systems integration partner, enhancing operational performance and mission readiness.

Babcock delivers complex platform, equipment and systems integration across multi-domains, providing war fighting capability. A strategic support partner working alongside British small and medium-sized enterprises and international partners scaling production, we create export opportunities.

Babcock’s long-term military relationships ensure rapid response in the most appropriate and agile way when mission critical.

Mission ready

Our services ensure that equipment is ready for action when required:

  • We assist the Army to meet the readiness it requires to respond to events, both in the UK and abroad
  • We help to reduce the operational risk that our armed forces face, both when training and when deployed
  • We bring innovative fleet management and support techniques to reduce costs

Our through life equipment support includes fleet management and maintenance of over 30,000 vehicles, across the entire British Army fleet.

Working alongside the customer

Our long-term relationships with the armed forces ensure that we can understand their requirements and respond in the most appropriate way. We have staff embedded within the British Army to assist with equipment planning, bringing the advantages of wide-ranging industry expertise.

We already support some of the equipment on a full availability service, where we ensure that the right equipment is provided for the mission being undertaken, and that it remains operational throughout. We are increasingly moving to a full availability service as the British Army’s strategic support supplier.

Strategic asset management

Working alongside the military, we provide state of the art fleet management, supply chain and engineering information systems. We bring together disparate data, industry best practice, monitoring systems and analysis to ensure that military decision makers have access to accurate and up to the minute information.

Equipment readiness and MRO

We care for our customers’ complex and critical equipment, of any age, any fleet size, anywhere in the world.

This includes the fleet management of over 30,000 vehicles, ranging from quad bikes and generators to main battle tanks, and weapons from pistols to cannons.

Information integration

We integrate data across the enterprise to deliver powerful insights to optimise fleet and asset performance, support operations across multiple fleets, and enable strategic decision making.

Fleet and asset optimisation

We enhance the condition and performance of our customers’ fleets through acquisition of new capabilities and embedding technology through the entire life cycle.

Advanced manufacturing

We lead the way in pioneering manufacturing techniques to overcome obsolescence, reduce cost, and improve performance and availability.

Collaborating closely with the British Army and Defence, Equipment & Support, we have already reached an important milestone last summer by being able to design, manufacture and put into service specialist component parts for these fleets. This success paves the way for us to deliver on other such additive programmes on any asset we manage.

Support chain integration

We build and sustain strong support, supply and logistics chains that underpin everything we do and sustain UK industrial capacity for our core markets.

We manage over 300,000 pieces of equipment and supply spare parts, regardless of original armourer.