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The technology landscape is changing rapidly. That’s why as a technology-led business we work in close partnership with our customers knowing their journey is changing too.

As our customers’ assets have grown in complexity, they’re turning to us for their technology solutions. From defence to aviation, from marine to nuclear, our experts exert technical authority to make better decisions for – and with – our customers wherever they are in the world. From data analytics and digital twins to asset digitisation and sustainable technology solutions, we’re ensuring our people have the right skillsets to take our business forward and support our customers.

It’s not just the technology we use, it’s the innovation we bring and how we apply our engineering insight that sets us apart.

Using technology to tackle the engineering challenges of tomorrow with the engineers of today.

Digital technology is changing the way we work and what we can deliver. So investing more in our digital and data technology based solutions enhances how we manage our customers’ critical and complex assets.

Many of our customers are on a technology journey too, so by working together, we’ll find the right technology solution – whatever the challenge.


From warships to nuclear power stations, we combine engineering insight with a range of digital technologies and data analytics. It’s an approach that provides a powerful and dynamic way of interpreting information, in real time, giving our customers a complete and interactive view of that intelligent support. Our approach is iSupport 360.

iSupport360 allows us to deliver maximum value for our customers in the way we manage their assets – it delivers the added readiness, performance, efficiency and value that our customers demand.

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The world of defence is becoming increasingly digital, as a result the way Babcock delivers support is changing.

As one of the leading engineering and technology companies we’re already renowned for our deep engineering expertise and the way we apply, utilise and integrate technology solutions across our business and for our customers, so what is iSupport360?

iSupport360 provides an integrated digital toolset that enables an asset owner or manager to optimise the performance of physical assets; augmenting Babcock’s trusted approach with cutting-edge digital technology.

Read more about iSupport360 here.

At Babcock we recognise that technology is changing at a rapid pace which is why we’re collaborating with some of the most renowned academic institutions and industrial partners in the UK and internationally.

Our partnerships enable us to stay abreast of developments and share the innovation that research brings, with our customers, our people, and our business.


In our Prosperity Partnership with the University of Strathclyde we are developing advanced analytic and inspection techniques along with biotechnology solutions for infrastructure repair which will allow us to prolong the life of our critical facilities across our core markets.

In our collaboration with Cranfield University’s Through Life Engineering Centre, our people are both learning and sharing their knowledge, constantly finding better ways of driving efficiencies through the lifecycle of the assets we manage.

Our partnerships also drive innovation. Together, with the University of Edinburgh, we are building a centre of international research and composite testing for developers around the world. Read more about FASTBLADE here.

And in disruptive areas like AI and IoT, our technology experts work alongside some of the best academic researchers and industry experts to find solutions to complex and critical engineering challenges.

We’re also investing in the next generation of engineers, not just through our research partnerships but mentoring and developing our graduates across technology disciplines that will add value to our business and support them in whatever career path they choose to take.

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Jim Sibson, Head of Research and Partnerships.

“Technology research is a fundamental driver in the work we do for our customers and our business. The projects we choose to work on today are about finding the solutions to tomorrow’s engineering challenges.”

Babcock is a leading, large scale manufacturing authority in the UK with our experts leading and collaborating on a number of high-profile advanced manufacturing projects across our core markets.

Often working in highly-regulated, safety, quality and security critical environments we deliver compliance-driven projects and highly-specialised products and engineering solutions to our customers.

From Rosyth to Devonport, from Bristol to Leicester our expertise spans from aircraft carriers to modular construction projects in the nuclear sector. See more on the work we are doing on the Type 31 Frigate programme.


Collaborating across industry and with our nuclear experts we are leading the development of ground-breaking technology that will combine machine learning, sensor development and advanced remote manufacturing processes. This will deliver robotic welding (image right), weld inspection and potentially weld certification all in near real time.

As the lead engineering designer on FASTBLADE, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh, we are building a world-class full scale composite research and test facility at our Rosyth site.



Neil Young, Technology Director

“Babcock is a technical authority in this area and working on projects like AWESIM and FASTBLADE demonstrates the experience we have in advanced manufacturing and the innovation we can bring.

„We’re working with some of the best engineering and academic institutions to deliver ground-breaking technology solutions that will add real value to our customers, develop our people, and strengthen our partnerships.”

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