Project Lurcher

Supporting our customers to work towards a sustainable future. 

Babcock is working with the British Army to understand how electric vehicle (EV) propulsion can be applied in the defence environment. We are converting four in-service military Land Rovers, (two protected vehicles and two general service) from diesel to EV using a drop-in kit and modified battery system.

The vehicles have been developed in partnership with Electrogenic at Babcock’s Engineering Centre in Walsall and are being tested across a number of battlefield and military scenarios at the Army Trials and Development Unit.

Performance is being assessed over steep terrains, wading and towing scenarios, as well as in different climatic conditions.

Platform benefits already identified:

  • Superior off-road performance – underpinned by increased torque and different hill descent modes and creep forward, controlled by software
  • Regenerative braking
  • Reduced cognitive burden and driver fatigue meaning greater battlefield awareness
  • Increased stealth properties with reduced thermal and acoustic signature
  • Ability to act as a mobile power source – running silent comms, integration into micro grids and delivering exportable power to the front line
  • No Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) means less mechanical components so fewer problems. As a comparison, ICE vehicles have 400 moving parts while EV only have around 20 moving parts

A rich history in design, development, and manufacture

Babcock is a leading UK platform-build and systems integrator across defence and security markets, striving to improve protection, connectivity, and sustainability of critical services.

This electric propulsion trial will enable the defence sector to have an informed decision-making process for future requirements, while also enabling the British military to showcase its leadership in this development sector.

Not afraid to bring challenge, drive ambition or think differently along the way, Babcock bring a unique combination of integrity and ingenuity to deliver excellence for our customers.