Babcock and STEM

Inspiring the next generation around the world…

We partnered with the UK Government in 2018 to promote STEM careers and inspire the next generation of engineers. By joining activities, initiatives and events across the country as well as establishing a new recruitment programme, our focus throughout the year was to change common perceptions about working in engineering and encourage more young people into STEM.

STEM Returners

We have established a STEM Returners programme to help recruit, retain and develop the best people for our business by broadening our talent pool. Through paid employment placements and bespoke mentoring schemes, the programme offers qualified, experienced candidates a supported route back to their careers after a break.

The 13 week placements are supplemented by career coaching and networking opportunities and candidates are offered the opportunity to restart their career in a permanent role at the end of the programme. The project is co-supported by IMarEST and the Women’s Engineering Society with the shared goal of creating a more diverse STEM workforce.

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The Big Bang Fair 2019

The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair aims to show young people aged 7 to 19 the exciting and rewarding opportunities a career in STEM can offer by bringing classroom learning to life.

This year, we showcased technology and engineering activities from our four sectors at the fair. Exhibits included contamination monitors demonstrating nuclear safety, a miniature wind tunnel showing how air forces act on an aircraft and the effect of lift on the weight of a model aircraft and a LEGO submarine!

STEM Activities

Our operations are heavily reliant on people with STEM skills, from the engineers who keep aircraft flying, surface ships and submarines at sea and vehicles on the road, to the teams who help design and implement specialist modifications, to the innovation and technology team who are constantly researching and developing new ideas and solutions.

We’ve developed some STEM activities for children (and adults) to try at home:

Learn about our aircraft fleet and why we use them

Finding an aircraft’s centre of gravity using a paper aeroplane

Assess and design an aircraft with specific requirements

Learn to identify the different parts of an aeroplane

Understand how a compass works and how to navigate using it

Paper boat challenge

Building a periscope

Communicate via radio using the phonetic alphabet

How do submarines work?

Understand how a parachute can save lives