Babcock has been honing the collective expertise of our North Sea pilots for the past 40 years; knowledge sharing, investing in the best training and taking time to evaluate previous missions so that we can ensure our pilots are well equipped and well-practiced for every scenario North Sea operations may present them with.

Captain Richard Warren has been a pilot with Babcock since 2012, ensuring the men and women working offshore on the UK’s oil and gas fields get to their destinations safely and on time. Richard and our other North Sea pilots ensure every passenger receives a face-to-face brief ahead of every flight. Richard feels that this helps passengers to know that “we take every element of what we do extremely seriously, with detailed planning and preparation ahead of every departure, managing every trip.”

The North Sea can be a challenging place to fly, mostly because of adverse and unpredictable weather conditions. Our pilots go through extensive training to ensure they have the skills and strategic thinking to navigate the various wind patterns present over the North Sea - patterns that can change in an instant and that require calm, skilful responses.

Richard recognises that our North Sea operations are not just about piloting the aircraft: “I’m always conscious that as a pilot I’m just one part of a high-performing team. I rely on the skills and capability of everyone who works with me, from security to the ground staff, engineers, operations controllers and many others.” The integration of all our base operations is integral to Babcock’s success; we are constantly reviewing our processes to ensure they are as smooth and efficient as possible. As Richard puts it: “we’re all working together to provide a safe and reliable flight for every one of our passengers, every time.”

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