• Military training for the two largest Air Forces in Europe (France and UK), training pilots and operators from university through to combat operations
  • Through-life support of operational military flying assets
  • Critical air operations for governments, saving lives and protecting communities

Babcock delivers critical and vital aviation services to the civil and defence sectors.

In the defence sector, our skilled engineers, ground support staff and training instructors deliver military flying training, air station support and integrated engineering services to armies, navies, and air forces in Europe.

Our military customers trust us to support their air power requirements, allowing them to focus on their core mission. And we make their mission, our mission; ensuring that whatever the task discipline, talent and agility are at the heart of our operations, inspiring us to strive for excellence.

In the UK, Australia, Canada and France for our civil customers, our highly trained pilots and medical staff provide aerial emergency medical services, aerial search and rescue operations and aerial firefighting missions, supported by our in-house engineering teams and operational control centres.

We also create capabilities for aircraft to rescue people in distress, respond to emergency medical emergencies, survey thousands of miles of energy networks, tackle wildfires and even fight crime from the skies. Our design and completions engineers can meet a wide range of customer requirements across a range of different aircraft types and operations.

Here are some examples of our work in this sector: