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  • Airport Baggage Systems

    Babcock operates and maintains baggage-handling systems at some of the world's busiest airport terminals. With over 900 dedicated staff we are uniquely placed to design, build, upgrade, operate, maintain, manage and improve your baggage-handling systems.

    View Airport Baggage Systems
  • Equipment Availability and Management

    From parts to nuclear submarines, Babcock ensures the availability of critical assets through-life.

    View Equipment Availability and Management
  • Equipment Engineering Support

    Our capability within equipment engineering support spans the public and private sector with customers including the Emergency Services, Highways Agency, Mining & Construction industry to the UK defence force.

    View Equipment Engineering Support
  • Fleet Management

    Babcock has a proven track record in delivering mission critical asset and fleet management to customers ranging from British Airways to the British Army. We work collaboratively with customers to design asset management solutions that best suit their individual needs.

    View Fleet Management
  • Design & Technology

    Babcock provides design, integration and management services to marine, oil and gas and defence sectors worldwide. With our extensive range of technical and support staff, proven design and management know-how and a range of configurable products and systems we support our customers from concept design to through-life management.

    View Design & Technology
  • Nuclear Equipment Design & Supply

    Babcock is the UK's largest supplier of specialist nuclear projects and equipment. We have been successfully designing, manufacturing and installing equipment for the nuclear market for more than 50 years.

    View Nuclear Equipment Design & Supply
  • Specialist Engineering

    As well as it's core engineering services, Babcock provides a number of specialist engineering services including composite technology solutions and we can provide customers with access to two independent engineering consultancies.

    View Specialist Engineering
  • Submarine Through Life Support

    Babcock is the Royal Navy’s strategic support partner for its nuclear-powered submarine force.

    View Submarine Through Life Support
  • Surface Ship Through Life Support

    Babcock is the Royal Navy's premier strategic support partner and carries out approximately three-quarters of the annual waterfront and deep maintenance of the UK's major warships and management of their shore-based support facilities.

    View Surface Ship Through Life Support
  • Telecommunications

    Babcock provides a range of services which are fundamental to the operational success of our customers within the broadcasting and communications sectors. These services cover the design, build, operation and maintenance of physical infrastructure, as well as managing and providing turnkey content-to-consumer delivery.

    View Telecommunications
  • Equipment Support

    A leading provider of equipment support with extensive experience across all three Services.

    View Equipment Support

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