Every engineer knows that having the right equipment for the job is vital. Whether it's a multi-billion pound nuclear submarine or a tiny transmitter for a mobile communications pack; we will ensure you have it and that it's always fit for purpose.

We provide highly specialist equipment support for helicopter search and rescue missions, keep the blades of offshore wind turbines turning and equip teachers to inspire their students. We maintain vehicles for Alitalia, the UK emergency services and manage 30% of the entire fleet vehicle for the Ministry of Defence (MoD)

If the right equipment solution doesn't exist, we'll design it for you. Our experts plan, design and deliver innovative baggage handling systems which now operate successfully at some of the worlds biggest airports. And a unique and hugely successful walk-to-work floating gangway linking workers accommodation to an oil platform.

We'll use our expertise and vast experience to equip your organisation to be more efficient, effective and successful.

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